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TuffStuff Roofing

Premium GRP waterproofing NOT cheap rebranded general purpose resins!

TuffStuff Roofing

The TuffStuff GRP flat roof waterproofing system utilises the very latest polyester resin technology to provide a tough and permanent solution to the age-old problem of leaking flat roofs.

Developed through 25 years’ experience in the manufacture and installation of GRP flat roofing, TuffStuff is fully integrated – all components are designedto work with each other to produce an easy-to-install waterproofing membrane for a lifetime of leak-free performance.

Its market-leading design and manufacture is backed by our comprehensive technical support to ensure that your installation service maintains the professional standards required to meet your customers’ needs.

Quality That Lasts

Customers can confidently expect a lifetime of leak-free, maintenance-free protection from their TuffStuff isntallation. The membrane’s extemely hard wearing structure installed onto a new timber decking tolorates light foot traffic and resists attack from ultra violet light.

To demonstrate TuffStuff’s durability every Contractor receives a 25-year Product Warranty and naturally they will take responsibility for their own workmanship.

Versatile & Adaptable

TuffStuff is not only ideal for flat-roofing; it is highly versitile and can be used for almost any application of size or complexity. Sloping roofs, green roofs and balconies can all be easily accomodated, as can pools, ponds and water tanks.

TuffStuff can adapt to existing or new features such as parapet walls=, skylights, vent pipes, sunpipes and balustrade. Support structures such as solar panels or air conditioning units can also be integrated either during or after installation.

TuffStuff is available as standard in dark grey but a range of different colous are avilable on request. Aslip-resistant finish can also be specified.


  • Premium GRP waterproofing NOT cheap rebranded general purpose resins!
  • Fast and easy to fit without heat or specialised tools
  • Heavy-duty protection for a lifetime of use
  • Dark grey finish, other colours and ‘non slip’ available
  • Full training and technical support
  • 25 years warranty on product
  • Now with the ‘all important’ UK Building Regs. Compliant Full Fire Certificate




  • Tough but attractive appearance
  • High security – too tough to be cut by a knife
  • High safety – UK Building Regs. Compliant Full Fire Certificate
  • TuffStuff -the fit and forget solution
  • Choose TuffStuff – choose peace of mind



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